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My name is Alex Ghaffari and I am a survivor. During the early 1980's Cedars Sinai Medical Center unknowingly infected over 114 children with HIV contaminated blood transfusions. Born in 1982, I am now 25 years old and I am one of those children. Sadly, I am one of only four surviving children. Many families suffered, few are left to tell their story. I want people like you to hear and to understand a great injustice that is over two decades old in the hopes that some form of resolution can be found in order to close this dark chapter in many family's lives.

Growing up in Los Angeles my mother chose not to tell me about my disease in the hopes that I would live a happy and normal life. Finally, when I turned 16 my mother told me I was HIV positive. At that time I was not aware of the deceit and injustice that Cedars, L.A. County Health Department and The Center of Disease Control perpetrated. This website will explain the relationship between the three medical entities involved.

I wasn't going to let my illness govern my life. My decision was to put my illness aside and continue the life I had lived up until that point. I didn't tell anyone, and I couldn't. I was afraid of abandonment due to the stigma and misconceptions of my disease. I just wanted to be the normal kid everyone thought I was.

I went to college and had the time of my life, discreetly slipping my medications into my mouth when no one was looking. I was just the down-to-earth funny guy I'd always been without a problem in the world. But little did I know of the battle ahead creeping its way into my life. I don't mean the illness but the medical establishments standing behind it.

In the summer 2004 my eyes to this entire tragedy opened. It was like a ton of bricks that came crashing down on top of me. I came into contact with a gentleman named Bruce Kasper. Bruce's daughter was also given a HIV tainted blood transfusion at birth around the same time as me. Unfortunately, his daughter passed away in 1992.

Bruce has documented evidence that shows that they had lied and had active and constructive knowledge as early as 1983, proving that the hospital was negligent for not notifying the families. Wouldn't you be outraged if your health care provider intentionally failed to notify you of a fatal and incurable disease for over FOUR YEARS? WHAT IF IT COULD STILL HAPPEN TODAY? Not possible, you say? ARE YOU SO SURE YOU'RE WILLING TO BET YOUR- OR YOUR LOVED ONES- LIFE ON IT?!

Right there that little spark went off. My mind was going a million miles a minute. What can I do? Can I fight? Can I sue? Can I beat someone up? How did the hospital get away with this? With the knowledge I have been given I can't lie down and let this go by a minute more. That is why I am here today. Wrong is wrong. I don't care if it happened over twenty years ago. I feel that Cedars and the Medical Entities involved felt when the last child died this whole situation would go away. I will not go away. Here I stand and I can do no other. These institutions need to be held accountable and closure needs to come to the victims.